Imagine the world of maintenance after COVID-19

Maintenance teams can monitor, analyze and plan from home

Technicians can often tell when the machine doesn’t sound right. What if they could listen to machines safely from distance, or even from their home? And what if they had a powerful AI trained to reliably alert them about sound anomalies that usually precede failures?

With Neuron soundware, it is not 'if' any more:

  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics will reduce the exposure of the key personnel. Have your staff prepared if the pandemic returned.
  • Insights into machine health will help you predict and build another layer of protection. Improve your asset immunity and recover easier and faster in the future.
  • Optimized maintenance cycles will help you save money. Prepare your assets for less face-to-face checks and for longer lifetimes.

Read some of our success stories

power lineFirst, we deployed the solution to a fleet of CHP units. The results were really positive, so we are now thinking of long-term cooperation, which will benefit the whole group.

Manager of Information Systems and Technologies Division MVV Energie CZ

automotiveNeuron soundware’s AI solution continuously monitors our automated handling system of metallic components. It learned quickly and accurately to detect the characteristic sound anomaly that usually signals the coming incident in the work cell. Thanks to the integrated signalization system with a siren, our production operators can now respond in time to 9 out of 10 incidents. In a few months project, we managed to significantly reduce unwanted production stoppages and started saving money on maintenance.

Innovation Project Manager Tier 1 Automotive Supplier


Neuron soundware reshaped our end-of-line testing practices of mechanical units. The initial precision and consistency of detection of faulty units, with only thee full days of audio data available, were surprising. We closed the trial project with the amount of manual testing reduced by a staggering 95%. We are now rolling out the solution to our other three production lines.

Production Quality Engineer A global supplier of automotive mechanical units

Health matters – companies protect both people and machines

The COVID-19 has changed the world so quickly. At Neuron soundware, we believe that digitalization, remote monitoring, and predictive capabilities are the right medicines for the wounded industry.

Watch our video and get inspired:

  • How will you protect your employees and machines?
  • How will you replace the irreplaceable employees?
Be prepared, be protected by Neuron soundware. We've made it simpler than ever before. You can pay when you re-launch production.

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